• Daylight Games – now under construction

    The Daylight Games website is now being actively developed! Really all this means is that bits and pieces will be added to the site over time, beginning with what is intended as weekly development updates from myself on the current


  • Improving performance

    As there are no visual changes this update, purely structural and performance related no new video to upload. The low level details were refactoring the move and rotation of the scenery models from methods into immutable data structures passed in

  • Finding the motivation again

    Hello again! It’s now been just over one year since the last process update. While it would be soothing to claim a myriad of substantial justifications for the lack of progress, ultimately any would be a vein attempt to rationalize

  • One unproductive headspace

    Now it’s been a little under three months the last post. Although there’s been some progress (a shiny new countdown clock for example), it’s simply been a case of not making the time …don’t get me wrong, it’s not like

  • and just where did May go?

    The entire month of May just vanished! Quite where it went I’m not entirely sure, however what I’m sure of is that no progress was made on Mazed until this last weekend …which is in June. What you can see

  • Placeholder models

    The main thrust of the work this week has been on the models, new placeholder models for the walls, floors and adding a pillar at either end of the wall. Although the grey walls and floor were functional, they were